Sunday, May 3, 2015

Classic Prepster

Today I felt like my own version of Charlotte York in this adorable golf-style knit polo dress! This gorgeous dress from Design History is so unlike anything else I own which is why I love it so much. I can remember hating anything polo-style when I was younger but now I love the classic preppy look of the collars! 

I paired this lovely dress with this summery pair of Keds sneakers from the latest Taylor Swift collection, and they are slowly becoming my favorite summer shoe because their eyelet berry print in too cute and also very versatile, these shoes just look great with everything! 


Wearing: Design History polo dress, Keds eyelet berry sneakers, Vintage Gucci bag via eBay, Walmart hat, ZeroUV sunglasses.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sequin Statements

Wearing: Little Mistress dress, Nina Shoes heels, Vintage Louis Vuitton bag, Essence Cosmetics makeup. 

It's just guaranteed to be a good day filled with compliments every time I dress up in a beautiful Little Mistress dress! This dress was of course no different, I'm so obsessed with the color and sequined floral details! I have this weird love for navy and gold dresses, and I don't know why that's so but I have quite a few of them. Such lovely colors together and that is clearly apparent on this gorgeous dress! 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Stripes + Anchors

I'm wearing: Synergy Clothing striped tank, Forever 21 boyfriend shorts, Love Culture shoes, Elise M Collection bracelets, Forever 21 hat. // Coco's wearing: Penn + Pooch anchor tank.

So, it seems my dog is officially a fashion blogger. Coco always makes little appearances on my Instagram, and if you didn't know, you'd think I was a dog person by how much I talk about her and spend time with her! She is so sweet and has the cutest personality, and ever since I got her about two years ago, she's become my little best friend! Of course, ever since I got her I started dressing her up also, and she loves it! I bought her cute little dresses when she was a puppy and she unfortunately grew out of those, but I found that she just likes to lounge around in her pink pajamas and also her favorite ladybug sweater in the winter!

I was so happy when Penn + Pooch came across her photos on my Instagram and wanted to gift her a little shirt from their adorable collection of pet clothes! She's been needing a little t-shirt to wear during the summer, and we both fell in love with this anchor print tank! She's been wearing it everywhere now and its the perfect lightweight tank top! I would say she wears it when we go for walks, but she is such a little diva that she won't go for a walk unless I carry her the whole way!